Process Equipment Troubleshooter (PET)

In this category I will Provide Root cause analysis diagrams for the widely used process equipment as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers  and others.

Those diagrams will be mind maps diagrams to help the engineers in the troubleshooting process for diagnosis for the performance deviation reasons.


·      The objective of this serial is to provide engineers with easy to use root cause analysis maps that can help them to easily troubleshoot the plant equipment and restore the equipment quickly to the good operating condition to save energy & cost.

·      We will cover all types of equipment static, and rotating in individual videos for each.

·      The next video will talk about the troubleshooting methodology that can be applied for all troubleshooting cases.

·      It is well known that troubleshooting skill will improve with practice and experience but using such maps will help new and experience engineers to perform root cause analysis in easy and accurate way.

·      This tools and maps can help operation, chemical, process and mechanical engineers and operators.

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