Energy Saving Tips (Proactive Energy Manager (PEM))

What is TIGER approach and how it can save 30% of your energy consumption? (Energy Efficiency Tip of the Day)

Tip summary

  • Reference to my experience in implementing energy management systems in different industries, I am presenting the TIGER approach which is an effective approach that can help you to achieve 30% energy savings in your facility.
  • This approach is built on the concepts of Energy management system ISO-50001 and best practices implemented in energy efficiencies but it add more focus on specific pillars as employee energy efficiency awareness and competency to achieve the objectives with the lowest possible budget and sustain the achieved energy saving results.
  • TIGER acronym represent inserting the energy efficiency practices in the facility supply chain process (DNA) in the following areas;
    • T stands for Technology, from selection to different modifications levels and this can save about 10%. Daily energy efficiency tip of the day serial is a part of the required awareness in this field as it will work as an eye opener to identify energy savings opportunities.
    • I stands for I-EnMs this is the integrated management system that usually has four major steps. Without a system all the energy savings will not be sustained. To help you to assess you system and improve it, I will provide a link for a free virtual assessment that you can participate in without any cost. (Link )
    • G stands for General maintenance practices that can save about 5%.
    • E stands for efficient operating procedure and this can provide 5% savings.
    • R stands for raising employee’s energy efficiency awareness. This can save 5% and it is a very important pillar for the success of the entire system.
  • In the next tips I will discuss in detail all those pillars.


Proposed actions

  • Kindly provide your feedback about this approach and other challenges that you face in your facility to achieve energy savings by filling this 2 minutes survey that will help me to develop the daily tip to be more beneficial for all of us (link )



  • Estimated energy savings range: 30%.



  • TIGER approach can help you to reach 30% energy savings.
  • Please share this tip with others to share knowledge and increase energy efficiency awareness.
  • Please contact me for any advice or support about this issue or other energy management issues.

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