Energy efficiency tip of the day (steam and condensate piping systems housekeeping tips)

“Stop venting and draining money!!”

 Check out your steam and condensate piping systems. Valuable energy is lost through steam leaks, faulty steam traps and poorly insulated pipes. To conserve energy and cut costs, consider the following Housekeeping tips:

  1. Set up a steam trap maintenance program, including procedures.
  2. Regularly inspect and maintain steam traps.
  3. Fix steam and condensate leaks.
  4. Ensure good steam quality by maintaining chemical water treatment.
  5. Repair damaged pipe insulation.
  6. Shut down equipment when not needed.
  7. Shut down steam and condensate branch systems when not needed.

Magdy Aly

Energy manager, Energy efficiency consultant Passionate to help others to save Energy and Environment.

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