Energy savings tips (Tip 21 conduct a regular check for Steam boiler thermal insulation)


The boiler’s exposed surfaces lose heat to the surroundings depending on the surface area and the difference in temperature between the surface and the surroundings. The heat loss from the boiler shell is normally assumed as fixed energy loss, irrespective of the boiler output. With modern boiler designs, this may represent only 1.5% of the gross calorific value at full rating, but it will increase to around 6% if the boiler operates at only 25% output. Repairing or augmenting insulation can reduce heat loss through boiler walls.

Recommended Action:

It is recommended to conduct a regular (every 3-6 months) steam boiler insulation check using thermal camera or other methods to ensure that at least 90% of the thermal insulation is in a good condition. Identify the areas that needs repair and plan to implement the required repairs in the nearest chance.

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