360 Proactive meaning:

The “360” number reflects the capability to have a holistic all rounded view to approach any problem and “proactive” reflects the capability of being ahead of the game and being pioneer to treat any problem or develop any opportunity rather being reactive after the problem already started.

Blog Objectives

The main objective of this blog is to help all engineers to reach to their potential and develop their career, to be able to add value to their companies and develop communities for a better world for our next generation.

In this blog we develop material, tips and courses that can help Engineers and other professionals to develop their soft skills and technical skills, specially in the field of Energy management and Equipment troubleshooting.

I’m committed to utilize my 15+ Engineering experience to share knowledge with all engineers in the following areas:

1. Reducing Energy, operational costs and decrease Environmental impact.
2. Establishing an effective energy management system according to ISO-50001.
3. Exploring credible energy saving opportunities/projects.
4. Promoting Energy saving awareness (Active energy measures) to establish energy saving culture among all related stakeholders.
5. Supporting all engineers who want to develop their career in the field of energy management.
6. Process tuning, optimization and troubleshooting.
7. Engineering Career development
8. Personal development skills.
9. Personal branding for Engineers.



50 Successful Projects and 75 Techno-economic studies related to reducing operational cost, profit maximization, reducing Energy cost and sustainability with more than 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions savings /year.
8 recognition awards from national and international bodies.

My background:
Senior Process Engineer specialized in energy management and process optimization with 15+ years of success in process improvements and project management for Petrochemical sector (ammonia-urea plants) and oil & gas.

Key skills & Knowledge areas:
– Plant Energy management, energy efficiency and Energy audit.
– Projects Business cases and Feasibility studies.
– FEED SOW preparation and evaluation.
– Ammonia-urea & utilities plants operation management and safety
– Process simulation and troubleshooting.
– Pre-commissioning and commissioning management.


  1. I will utilize my 15+ experience as professional engineer and career development coach.
  2. I will use the best available practice and techniques to simplify the skills ideas and make it very practical by providing life examples.



The main soft skills that we will discuss will be Communication skills, Teamwork and Business development skills.

The main technical skills will be:

  1. Energy management, Energy efficiency to produce proactive energy managers (PEM) capable of saving Energy and environment.
  2. Process equipment troubleshooting fundamentals to produce proactive trouble shooters (PTS) capable of optimizing plants and profits.

Also I am always interested to hear from other professionals, so feel free to contact me for networking or for any support from my side.

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