Top 10 must have skills for Energy managers and energy teams

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 The current challenges facing the industrial and commercial sectors regarding energy cost and energy management, will require a specific set of skills for the energy management individuals and teams who will deal with those challenges.

The ability to engage and collaborate with other related stakeholders as vendors, business owners, building owners, real estate firms, government officials, educators and business owners to achieve the required goals of decreasing the overwhelming cost of energy consumption is very important.

In this article we will discuss the top 10 required skills from my point of view that will enable energy managers to face those challenges:

  1. The Passion to add value – The role of any energy manager is always filled with challenges as people always resist any changes even for better. So the energy manager or energy team should have a very strong mentality inspired by their passion to add value and protect the environment.
  2. Project planning and management – The ability to direct and guide a group in completing tasks and attaining goals of Energy management system after energy efficiency assessment.
  3. Communication planning and implementation – The ability to exchange, engage, convey and express knowledge and ideas in an energy efficiency context that can be easily understood by non-technical team members.
  4. Understanding energy use – The ability to arrange and retrieve data, knowledge and ideas, research and investigation of specific technical and financial knowledge.
  5. Decision making – The ability to develop and assess business cases for implementation of energy efficiency opportunities.
  6. Flexibility – systems and business priorities are always dynamic and the energy manager with energy team shall be flexible to adopt the available resources to achieve their company’s goals even at difficult situations.
  7. Confidence in Ability to Improve Energy Industry – Energy team shall believe in their own abilities to manage energy more efficiently. Enthusiasm will shine through and be catchy.
  8. Time Management Abilities – Multi-tasking and the ability to prioritize tasks are a must. Energy team shall be well-organized and use their time wisely.
  9. Problem-Solving Skills: Problem solving often involves decision-making and decision-making skills are especially important when it comes to management and leadership roles. 
  10. Teamwork spirit – Energy teams shall have a good team work spirit for their internal activities and when dealing with other stakeholders as the success in achieving goals is associated with a good team work efforts to sustain any achieved results.


In summary, the integration between soft and technical skill for energy manager and energy teams will always guarantee achieving company’s goals for decreasing energy and operational coast and sustain those savings on the long run.



Magdy Aly

Energy manager, Energy efficiency consultant Passionate to help others to save Energy and Environment.

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