How to set SMART goals (Part 1 of career development approach “CATALYST”)

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·      This is the first part of the serial of article related to a career development method I call it “CATALYST” method that I used for all the engineers who I was responsible for their coaching or mentoring.

·      I described the meaning of the CATALYST parts in a previous article “How to develop your Engineering Career using CATALYST approach?” that you can find it in this link

·      This article is about the first C which is to have a clear smart goals for your career after knowing your personality type, your emotional intelligence level and the high level reason of why you want to be a successful professional engineer.


  • Having a clear SMART career goals is a result of clear understanding of yourself to know your major WHY that will be used as fuel during your success journey.
  • A lot of people fail to achieve their goal for a simple reason that those goals are not related to what they really are or what they are looking for.
  • To clarify what I mean, let me introduce to you a Japanese concept they call it ikigai, essentially, ikigai is the reason why you get up in the morning. In other word ikigai is the intersection area between what you love, what you are good at, what is the world need and what you can be paid for.
  • So imagine that you wake up every day to go to a work and doing a job that you really love with activities that you are good at, the world or you society need your work results and you get well paid for that. You may say that it seems to be impossible to find such job for everyone and this is the main objective of the CATALYST method, which is finding your superpower and apply it where it is much appreciated.
  • In order to know your superpower you need to look deep inside yourself to understand yourself then you can set clear goals to utilize your superpower.
  • In the below video I will describe to you what are the steps that you can follow to understand yourself and know your unique superpower.



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