Learn how to Minimize deaerator vent losses (energy efficiency tip of the day)

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Minimize De-aerator vent losses energy efficiency tip of the day

Tip summary

    • A deaerator works to remove dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water and must vent this oxygen, and any other non-condensable gases that were removed, into the atmosphere.
    • A very small percentage of steam (5 to 14%) will also be venting when the gases are vented. The amount of steam vented should be minimized through proper operation and controls.
    • If the deaerator is operated at very high pressures, this may cause excessive venting of steam to the atmosphere. Instead, the deaerator tank should be operated to meet water chemistry requirements for oxygen (range of 7 ppm dissolved oxygen for most of the cases) and carbon dioxide rather than simply using pressure and temperature as a guide.
    • Most of the modern deaerators using nozzle spry type have less steam venting compared to try type especially when the try type deaerators are overloaded (working more than the design capacity), it will suffer from excessive steam venting.

Proposed actions

    • Adjust deaerator steam consumption and pressure with your water chemistry requirements.
    • Install online O2 analyzer for the deaerator outlet stream or conduct a regular sampling program.
    • For the old overloaded deaerators consider replacing/retrofitting your deaerator with modern technology.


    • System tuning will have low cost.
    • System retrofit will have low to medium cost but quick ROI.


    • Estimated energy savings range: 0.5-1% of boiler energy use.
    • Decrease equivalent amount of boiler load and decrease CO2 emissions accordingly to save the environment.


    • Optimize deaerator vent rate minimizes avoidable loss of steam. The opportunity is easy to implement with low/no cost required.
    • Please share this tip with others to share knowledge and increase energy efficiency awareness.
    • Please contact me for any advice or support about this issue or other energy management issues.

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