Industrial training Program and process equipment’s troubleshooting serials

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  1. I started an industrial training Program and process equipment’s troubleshooting serials on my YouTube channel in order to share knowledge and practical experience with other engineers or operators in the industry.
  2. I made the training program videos in Arabic to overcome any language barriers for Arabic operators or engineers, but the troubleshooting serial videos will be made in two versions (Arabic and English).
  3. I appreciate having your feedback about those videos (links in the below Links).

Centrifugal pumps troubleshooting


مشكلات الطلمبات الطاردة المركزية فى الصناعة وطرق حلها

Industrial training introduction

Industrial boiler concepts

Industrial training serial (Personal skills-how to use Google search and translator) in Arabic.

Ammonia industry (صناعة الامونيا)

CSB Safety Video: Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation

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Magdy Aly

Energy manager, Energy efficiency consultant Passionate to help others to save Energy and Environment.

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