Energy saving tip no-8 (Improve Boiler operation and maintenance)

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Energy saving tip no-8 (Improve Boiler operation and maintenance)

Tip summary

  1. The first step to running a more energy-efficient boiler is to measure its current efficiency as a baseline and determine if its efficiency is within a good operating range as compared to the boiler specifications. With some simple measurements of steam temperature and pressure, feed-water temperature and pressure, steam flow rate and fuel consumption rate you can accurately determine boiler efficiency.
  2. Faulty insulation or refractory damage can be detected through the presence of hotspots on the outer skin of the boiler.
  3. These may be able to be detected visually through paint discoloration or by feel or by thermal camera scanning. If left unresolved, they can lead to accelerated deterioration of the boiler and the potential release of toxic flue gases into the boiler room space.
  4. Other preventative boiler maintenance program activities shall be considered, including optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio, burner maintenance, tube cleaning and steam traps survey and repair.

Proposed actions

Preventative maintenance occurs at scheduled intervals and includes:

  1. A full inspection of the boiler to ensure it operates at optimum conditions.
  2. Periodic measurement of flue gas oxygen, carbon monoxide, opacity and temperature provides the fundamental data required for a boiler tune-up.
  3. A typical tune-up might include a reduction of excess air (and thereby excess oxygen, O2), boiler tube cleaning, thermal insulation repair or upgrade and re-calibration of boiler controls.
  4. Steam traps survey and repair.
  5. Steam leaks detection and repair.

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Expected savings:

A comprehensive tune-up with precision testing equipment to detect and correct excess air losses, smoking, un-burned fuel losses, sooting and high stack temperatures, can result in boiler fuel savings as high as 12%, while typical savings are in the order of about 5% or more of boiler fuel usage with related reduction in CO2 emissions.

Energy saving tip no-8 (Improve Boiler operation and maintenance)

Energy saving tip no-8 (Improve Boiler operation and maintenance)


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