Energy saving tip No 15 (Stop steam leakage)

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Tip summary

Stop steam leakage. Steam leakage from a 3 mm-diameter hole on a pipeline carrying steam at 7kg/cm2 would waste 32,000 liters of fuel oil per year

Proposed actions

    • Conduct a regular check for the leakage positions in your steam network.
    • Plan to conduct the required repairs in the nearest chance.


    • Low cost opportunity with a high ROI.


    • Estimated energy savings range: 3 % of the overall Boiler energy use.
    • Decrease equivalent amount of CO2 emissions accordingly to save the environment.


    • Stopping steam leakages can save more than 2% of boiler system energy use.
    • Please share this tip with others to share knowledge and increase energy efficiency awareness.

Tip in PDF format:

steam leakage cost

steam leakage cost

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