Energy saving tip No 14 (Remove Soot deposits)

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Tip summary

Remove soot deposits when flue gas temperature rises 40°C above the normal. A coating of 3mm thick soot on the heat transfer surface can cause an increase in fuel consumption of as much as 2.5%.

Proposed actions

    • Conduct a regular check for the fire box area as a part of the regular boiler inspection program.
    • Monitor flue gas out let temperature to record any changes with time.
    • Plan for required cleaning if needed in the nearest chance.


    • Low cost opportunity with a good ROI.


    • Estimated energy savings range: 2.5 % of the overall Boiler energy use.
    • Decrease equivalent amount of CO2 emissions accordingly to save the environment.


    • Removing soot can save more than 2% of boiler system energy use.
    • Please share this tip with others to share knowledge and increase energy efficiency awareness.
    • Please contact me for any advice or support about this issue or other energy management issues.

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