Energy saving opportunities for the boiler (water side)

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Energy saving opportunities for the boiler (water side)

  • Add an economizer to preheat boiler feed water using exhaust heat.
  • Inspect for scale and sediment on the water side
  • (A 1 mm thick scale (deposit) on the water side could increase fuel consumption by 5 to 8%).
  • Optimize boiler water treatment and recycle steam condensate.
  • Automate/optimize boiler blowdown. Recover boiler blowdown heat.


  • Study part-load characteristics and cycling costs to determine the most-efficient mode for operating multiple boilers.
  • Consider multiple or modular boiler units instead of one or two large boilers.
  • Establish a boiler efficiency-maintenance program. Start with an energy audit and follow-up, then make a boiler efficiency-maintenance program a part of your continuous energy management program.

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