Energy Efficiency tip of the day (Improving pumping systems piping configuration)

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Pumping System piping should be configured with an awareness of the energy costs associated with poor flow profiles. Although piping layouts are usually dictated by space constraints, there are often opportunities to minimize unnecessary pressure drops by avoiding sharp bends, expansions, and contractions and by keeping piping as straight as possible. For example, orienting valves and system equipment so that they are in line with the pipe run is one useful rule of thumb.


In the below diagram you will find:

  1. The three main steps to optimize the configuration of a pumping system.
    1. finding the proper pipe size
    2. designing a piping layout that minimizes pressure drops
    3. selecting low-loss components


  1. The three common pipe configuration problems that results in poor performance.
    1. An improper flow profile
    2. vapor collection
    3. vortex formation


Link to download the tip map in pdf format

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