Energy efficiency tip of the day (Boiler Retrofits options)

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  1. Replace obsolete boilers with high-efficiency, low emission units fitted with new burner technology and heat recovery. The new boilers should also fit the demand to avoid part-load operation.
  2. Use the correct pipe size. In heating fluid systems, consider the economics of larger pipes versus pumping costs and pressure losses.
  3. Consider converting from steam to heating fluid when retrofitting the process or the heating system.
  4. If a waste product is flared off in the operations, consider using it to preheat boiler combustion air or to operate a micro-turbine generator.
  5. If there is an application for latent heat recovery, install an economizer, a combustion air preheater or a flue gas condenser to recover heat from flue gas.
  6. Use the remaining heat in the flue gas for space or process heating or drying the product or biomass fuel.

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