Energy efficiency tip of the day (HVAC energy saving retrofits)

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Energy efficiency tip of the day (HVAC energy saving retrofits)


HVAC system retrofits are a good area to consider to save energy, for example planning heat recovery can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as identifying where we are pumping warm air out of the facility. Once that’s done, we can start looking at ways to capture that heat and re-use it. Also thinking of how we make could make use of the process waste heat for hot water and solar heat for passive solar heating/cooling is another area to consider.

HVAC energy saving retrofits  

Check out your HVAC system. After you understand what kind it is, what it does and how it operates, you can identify where energy is wasted and where there are opportunities for greater efficiency. To conserve energy and cut costs, you can consider the following energy saving retrofits:

  1. Equipment upgrades that modify or convert inefficient HVAC systems can save significant energy.
    1. Upgrade lighting technology.
    2. Review loads and equipment sizes.
  2. Heat recovery:
    1. Heat recovery is one of the most promising areas in HVAC efficiency. It involves reclaiming heat and using the energy to heat make-up air in winter and to cool make-up air in summer. Waste heat can be recovered from areas such as exhaust air and wastewater.
  3. Alternative energy sources:
    1. Alternative energy sources have real potential. Solar power and ground source heat (if applicable) are two emerging areas. Ground-source heat pumps allow HVAC systems to use ground water for heating and cooling.

It’s easy to feel that we can’t make a difference for the environment. But we can. Some well evaluated retrofits for our HVAC system can add up to big energy savings that help make our facilities greener place to work and save costs.

Energy efficiency tip of the day (HVAC energy saving retrofits)

Energy efficiency tip of the day (HVAC energy saving retrofits)

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