How to develop your Engineering Career using CATALYST approach?

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The objective of this serial of articles is to provide engineers with easy to implement tips that can help them to develop their career.

From my point of view career development is an important subject for the following reasons:

1.     In the engineering industry, while many engineering companies support their employees’ career development, many don’t, and consequently, too many younger engineers feel alone or lost early on in their careers. I believe that part of the reason this happens is that the nontechnical skills engineers need to advance aren’t taught or emphasized at most schools.

2.     Second, I noticed that the nature of the industry, specifically the long hours and tight deadlines, affected many engineers on a personal level with the countless stressful hours proving detrimental to their family lives.

3.     Most engineers focus so much on their jobs that they forget about their careers, which become stagnant and inhibit company and personal growth in most of the cases.

4.     It is not easy for most of the engineers to find a mentor (to provide a sincere advice based on his/her experience) either inside the same company or in other engineering societies. And this will also slow down the career development for most of the engineers.

The proposed solution:

I faced the above career development barriers myself after my graduation but I was lucky to find a great leaders in mentors along my 18 years of experience. And I was always committed to spare a good time to coach and mentor the maximum number of engineers who worked under my supervision or through volunteer as career development advisor for a lot of engineering collages chapters.

To be honest mentoring other engineers was a great benefit for me to develop my communications skills and leadership capabilities.

Based on the above points I decided to extend this service to others using a career development method I call it (CATALYST) method which consist of the following eight steps:

1.     C is to have a clear smart goals for your career after knowing your personality type, your emotional intelligence level and the high level reason of why you want to be a successful professional engineer.

2.     A is to get the required accreditations or professional certificates along your career.

3.     T is for targeting an active mentor who can provide you with good advices related to your career.

4.     A is to activate your communication skill to express yourself clearly through all communications methods with others. This includes how to write an effective CV, cover letter, Attractive LinkedIn Profile, social media presence and personal branding.

5.      L is to learn leadership and the professional attitude for work inside a corporate or organizational frame work. This will include how you could professionally react to different situations and keep a clear objective of adding value.

6.     Y is for youth and challenging spirit that you should always keep regardless the surrounding negative atmosphere that you can possibly find inside your organization. The only solution to keep this spirit is to be driven from your own values to exceed expectations and work on your skills to develop more value every day regardless what others are doing.

7.     S is for skills (technical skills) needed for your job and your continuous benchmark and update with the recent trends in your industry.

8.     T is for taking actions which is the main core of any progress. From my experience in the projects or in the coaching/mentoring cases I noticed that the main reason for any procrastination and delay is the hesitation to take action. We hesitate because we are afraid to be criticized by others and this fear make our brain tell us to delay the action to make it better or to reevaluate other option so, we are not moving from our comfort zone and the cycle repeated.

In the following articles I am planning to talk about each step of those in detail then I will show you how you can convert those steps into an effective career development plan that you can treated as a project with a measurable SMART objectives. Also I will be offering a free 10 mentoring sessions every month as a part of this program that will be announced soon.

So at the end I want to ask you honestly to have a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

·      Are you satisfy and happy with your current career progress?

·      Is your current position, salary, work atmosphere and achievements really aligned with your potentials?

·      Do you have a clear career goals and strong reasons keeps you motivated to do what you do?

·      Are you looking for a methodology to improve yourself and find your passion?

to participate in the program follow the below steps:


check the description video

Slides link

Steps to participate in the program

  1. Take the personality test from this link
  2. Take Emotional inelegance test from this link
  3. Fill this form with your information and results
  4. Download the CATALYST template and fill it with your results
  5. Make a free account for the mind mapping program mindmeister to be used for follow-up with you via this link
  6. Register in the to receive the update newsletter and tips.
  7. Follow the facebook page of 360proactiveengineer to personal communication.



Please share with us your opinion in the comments below as I believe we all need to hear and support each other to develop and grow.

Also advice if you would like to participate in the Career CATALYST program or not and why?

Magdy Aly

Energy manager, Energy efficiency consultant Passionate to help others to save Energy and Environment.

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