Career development program CATALYST Part 2 (Accreditation and Certification) (2 min. read with a video).

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This is the second part of a Career development program CATALYST that describes a road map for engineers to develop their career. in the first part we discussed how to set a clear SMART goals and in this part we will discuss the importance of Accreditation and Certification.

The below video describe the details of this article:

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Article summary:

1 Why Accreditation and Certification is important for any engineer:

1. Why this is important

1.1        It is a Proof for the progress in your career

1.2        It is an International signs of professionalism

1.3        It Gives you an edge from others

2        2. How to select the required certificates for your role:

2.1        Search and ask for the known Professional certificates

2.2        Ask your network and check market requirements

2.3        Get your mentor advice

2.4        Consider Your future career plans or shift

3. Action and Planning phase

3.1    Conduct a good search to identify the top 3 certificates that you need according to your role considering the following types:

3.1.1                       Main certificate (related to your core role)

3.1.2                       Supporting certificate as (MBA, PMP, Lead Audit and Others).

3.2        Make a Plan based on the following aspects

3.2.1                       Required budget

3.2.2                       Career shift requirements

3.2.3                       Your availability

3.2.4                       Certificate duration

3.2.5                       The available Online options

Previous program parts:

1. How to develop your Engineering Career using CATALYST approach?

2. How to set SMART goals (Part 1 of career development approach “CATALYST”

Accreditation and Certification

Accreditation and Certification

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