How to optimize Boiler Load management and rightsizing? (Energy Efficiency Tip of the Day)

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How to optimize Boiler Load management and rightsizing?  (Energy Efficiency Tip of the Day)

Tip summary

    • An oversized boiler will turn on and off more often than a boiler that has been properly matched to the demand, which may result in short-cycling losses.
    • If the boiler is instead left on standby, short-cycling losses will be avoided but energy will be wasted in keeping the boiler on standby.
    • The main reason for energy losses at standby mode for the boiler is the lost amount of heat required to heat the boiler casing at this mode.
    • Rather than sizing a boiler to meet the highest possible load, fuel savings can be achieved by adding a smaller boiler sized to meet the plant’s average loads, or by using multiple small boilers.
    • Multiple small boilers offer reliability and flexibility to operators to follow load swings without over-firing and short cycling.
    • Load management also helps to reduce load variation. As this measure is normally an end-of-life option there should be no incremental costs to right size a boiler but a benefit exists by purchasing a smaller boiler.

Proposed actions

    • Evaluate your current boiler load management strategy.
    • For multi boilers systems, try to adjust steam demand to keep and boilers loads to keep the selected boiler running with acceptable load for long time (without steam venting).
    • The load management could be done manually by changing the current operating procedures or automatically by modifying boilers load control.
    • Consider/evaluate installing a small boiler to cover small load periods instead of operating large boiler at low load.


    • System tuning will have low cost.
    • New small boiler addition will have medium cost but quick ROI.


    • Estimated energy savings range: 10-50% of boiler energy use.
    • Decrease equivalent amount of boiler load and decrease CO2 emissions accordingly to save the environment.


    • Boilers Load Management Assessment could save up to 50% of boiler energy use.
    • The load management is easy to implement with low cost for proper control modifications.
    • Please share this tip with others to share knowledge and increase energy efficiency awareness.
    • Please contact me for any advice or support about this issue or other energy management issues.

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