Blower troubleshooting map

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  • The objective of this serial is to provide engineers with easy to use root cause analysis maps that can help them to easily troubleshoot the plant equipment and restore the equipment quickly to the good operating condition to save energy & cost.
  • In this video we will talk about gas moving devices specially Blower Troubleshooting.
  • Blower major problems root causes can be summarized in the following points:
  1. Blower Discharge pressure high causes:
  • Instrument error giving wrong indication and need to be checked.
  • Could be restriction in downstream line and it need to be checked.
  • Could be Check valve jammed in closed position
  • Could be dirty intake filter
  1. Blower Discharge pressure low
  • Could be Instrument error giving wrong indication and need to be checked.
  • Could be Slippage of the drive belts and it need to be changed.
  • Could be Relief valve stuck open.
  • Increasing air loss at the rotary valve due to larger clearance opening from wear.
  • Loss of air caused by larger lobe clearance in the blower due to wear.
  • Could be due to a leak, such as a ruptured hose, in a vacuum system/ a ruptured bag in the downstream bag house.


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