How to Automate Boiler Blowdown Control?

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How to Automate Boiler Blowdown Control? (Energy efficiency tip of the day)

Tip summary

  • The primary and most efficient way to control boiler conductivity is with continuous or surface blowdown from the steam drum. This is the point of the highest dissolved solids in the boiler and ensures a maximum of dissolved solids are removed with a minimal loss of water and heat from the boiler.
  • Boiler water must be blown down periodically to prevent scale from forming on boiler tubes.
  • This process can be wasteful if too much is lost to blowdown.
  • Automatic blowdown controls measure and respond to boiler water conductivity and acidity to ensure that only the right amount of blowdown water is used.
  • The automated system reduces boiler maintenance make-up water consumption and the energy needed to heat it.
  • Although automatic blowdown control is becoming a standard practice for new boilers, a large percentage of existing boilers do not have automated control.
  • In this case you can install an automatic blowdown control system as it optimizes blowdown rates by regulating water discharged in relation to dissolved solids present in water.


Proposed actions

  • Review your current control system
  • Evaluate the amount of blowdown savings with the automatic control option
  • Evaluate the economics of the required changes.



  • System retrofit will have low to medium cost but quick ROI.



  • Estimated energy savings range: 1-2% of boiler energy use.



  • Automated Blowdown control: savings of 1% of boiler use.
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