5 short tips for more effective email etiquette

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Learning email etiquette is a very essential skill in the career development of any professional especially in our modern life for the following reasons:

  • Email is one of the most important communications methods in our daily life.
  • Everyone is busy and you should not bother your colleagues with bad e-mail manners.
  • The challenge is to express your message quickly and as clear as you can.

So please consider the below five tips in your next email:

  1. Please write a meaningful subject

Please take one minute before sending your email and ask yourself if the subject line really related to message subject or not. Please remember that a lot of people only read the subject title before they decide to read it or not.

2. Be very precise

Try to go directly to the point and avoid any unnecessary sentences or introduction as much as you can.


3.    Avoid attachments.

Don’t bother the receiver with large attachments if you can send him a link to download those files and remember that the email storage capacity in most of the company is limited.

 4.    Don’t email when you are angry (Be kind. Don’t flame).

If you find yourself angry for any reason don’t send any emails now because your mental status will affect the writing language and may push you to use improper language that can cause you trouble so, just save it as draft and go for short break or coffee. When you think you are more relaxed you can review the email and send it.

5. Use your phone

If you can clarify an issue with small phone call just do it and avoid a loop of unnecessary emails that can disturb others and waste your time.


There is a lot of other email etiquette worth to know about so please try to spare some time to read about them, and share this article with others to share knowledge if you find it useful.

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