Steam traps Energy efficiency tip of the day

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Steam traps Energy efficiency tip of the day

  1. Steam traps are important to the performance of both end-use equipment and the distribution system.
  2. Traps provide for condensate removal with little or no steam loss. If the traps do not function properly, excess steam will flow through the end-use device or the condensate will back up into it.
  3. Excess steam loss will lead to costly operation while condensate backup will promote poor performance and may lead to water hammer.
  4. Traps can also remove non-condensable gases that reduce heat exchanger effectiveness.
  5. Regular steam trap surveys are an important measure to identify faulty steam traps and steam leaks. Repairing the steam leaks and faulty steam traps will minimize steam losses and improve system efficiency.
  6. This a low/no cost energy saving opportunity with a quick payback time.

Proposed actions

  1. Add steam traps survey to your maintenance practice programs.
  2. Conduct a steam traps survey (visual and ultrasonic) to detect faulty traps and plan for the required repair.
  3. Hire a service company to conduct a steam traps survey or get the required device and train your maintenance team to use it.

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