Centrifugal pumps Troubleshooting

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The centrifugal pump is the most used pump type in the world. The principle is simple, well-described and thoroughly tested, and the pump is robust, effective and relatively inexpensive to produce.

There is a wide range of variations based on the principle of the centrifugal pump and consisting of the same basic hydraulic parts.

The centrifugal pump creates an increase in pressure by transferring mechanical energy from the motor to the fluid through the rotating impeller. The fluid flows from the inlet to the impeller center and out along its blades.

The centrifugal force hereby increases the fluid velocity and consequently also the kinetic energy is transformed to pressure.

Centrifugal pumps Troubleshooting

In the industry there are five common problems related to process side that can be summarized as:

  • No liquid delivery
  • Low Liquid flow rate
  • Intermittent operation
  • Low Discharge pressure
  • Excessive Power demand


In the following tables we will discuss the common reasons and the proposed solution for each one of them that can help in troubleshooting the cause of the problem:

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